Monday, 1 June 2015

blog closed!

This site is now closed! thank you for the 4 years of wonderful following!

Please click photo to my new website for my special effects and costume design

Thursday, 26 February 2015

2 American Mary Film Inspirations

If you haven't seen "American Mary" go do it! It is a great horror movie about [SPOILERS] a nursing student who ends up doing underground extreme body modification which she finds out is her calling after getting raped by her med school teacher and practicing her body mods on her revenge victims.

When I was away for the halloween store, we did a special effects workshop and got a pack of bullet holes. I made the joke to my sister how they would work great as nipples if you just filled the hole part or turned them inside out (depending on how they were originally made). 

So tonight I did! Part inspiration from the body modification that "American Mary" might have done and also a bit of an homage to the "Mallrats" gypsy scene by Kevin Smith.

Below is NOT SAFE FOR WORK : extreme body modification speical effects, nudity, adult movie refferences... not good to look at work but I deffinately am not ashamed of the movies I like or my love of body modification.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Auto Accident

Bruising is fun, but on film its hard. The point is to see it. Bruises sometimes don't show up for days, or are really small, or are really light and just seem dark and painful to us. Whenever I make a bruise for anything really, I go in knowing this and try to explain it to whomever is asking or directing me, but also realizing that lights blot out what I've done, you have to be able to pick it out and you really want it to tell the story of what has happened just by looking at the subject.

A month ago I posted a pic of instagram asking if you could tell the story from this photo:
Could be a fight? Could be a fall?

Well what it was for was a commercial I was hired for, but it never came to be, I have it but am not allowed to fully show it which is a shame, it was made by the same director I have worked with before and it was really funny! Here are the 2 shots that tell the story for my bruises:

It was a mechanic commercial and it had a few different scenarios about trying to fix your car yourself and getting frustrated. Unfortunately this guy got his hand slammed in the car and in another scene he got the hood to the face.

Here are my closer shots I took day of, I wanted it to be a more fresh bruise which aren't very colourful, They are more just red with whatever new scratches may be in them.

I wish I could show you this video, I can't get over how funny it is. Ah well tis the life of film and marketing.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Wig Wars Year 2: Queen Portia Once Again!

Look Back at Last Year's wig wars here.A beard on a stick, was awesome and perfect for that performance was.. it didn't compare to the 

Oh yes it made Portia Queen once again

So did the dance number


The costume changes  

the basic bitchness of it all.

Though everyone was amazing and had great acts, We wish they could all be winners(they did get awesome prizes though) I loved all of their dance numbers and there were a few newbies to the group who did mind blowing performances :)

We have finally scraped with the blocking out of the eyebrows like we did in the early days. So instead I wax and shape them. We also found that keeping the beard, makes lipstick POP!The beard also helps the cheekbone contouring even more too!
I even joined in the non drag lipsync for your life round 2, and won(I better if I am the makeup aid to the queen :) )   These shows are for everyone and if you haven't been to one, try it out! They are super fun, super entertaining and awesome to support out LGBT community!

My Zombies Commercialized

Don't worry guys I didn't forget about you.

I finally got a step up in my career for Elegant Embodiments. I have landed a commercial for Dougall Media in town!

Remember last month when I asked on my instagram

Well this was what I was doing:

I think its the best commercial, its hilarious!

So because the grass was so green and we were on a green screen I couldn't really put much green in there. I did to make almost holes instead which were pretty much covered up in the end, but I figured I could test it out. 
I started off with a really dark grey bade, then lightened it with blues and reds. I added the really thick and black veins so they would be seen on the screen. From my screen shot they read pretty well.

Thanks again to Andrew Paulsen ( a awesome actor("Schism"), writer and director) for hooking me up with this and now for letting me work with you more for more commercials!

And thanks to Mark Tannahill for thinking of such a great commercial!

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Halloween 2014

Happy Halloween!!! 
This year I was so busy selling makeup I actually didn't have any time to do much. I didn't even go out this year though Kyle and I had giant awesome plans. Oh Well 2 photoshoots will have to happen  then for the big ideas I have incorporating some new prosthetic appliances that I got from my store.
frank wanted a beard he could drink and fool around in
some tinsley transfer applicances and punisher face paint

Purple jewled half sugar skull face paint

and of course Curtis. The Crow by Shannon Lepere

The Crow  photo by Day Vid Z Ascension 

Friday, 10 October 2014

Halloween Past and Present

Just for those looking at the blog trying to find all the Halloween ideas I've done over the years here's a last post by Elegant Embodiments. As of November 10th I will be moving to a new website and a new company: Sweet Cherry Spa. You can book your esthetic appointments still at the same number but I won't e focusing so much on the special effects as much though PLEASE feel free to still request ideas and book appointment for your movies, photoshoots and live events!
I am still avaiblable for this years Hallo-week for appointments, most of Friday is already booked up  starting at 6pm
Come into my store: Thunder Bay Halloween Alley 676 memorial ave
call 983-2666 or 2512891 to book your Halloween lesson or appointment!
Also I will be hosting Zombie Day at Halloween Alley
15$ workshop on Thursday October 23rd at 7pm